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moving to washington

Moving To Washington – Fun Facts Moving to Washington is moving to a paradise for wine-lovers. Washington is a mass producer of world-class wine. It’s the second-largest wine-producing state in the US. Besides wine, Washington state produces more apples than any other state in the union. If you are a devout churchgoer you might want to reconsider a move […]


moving to oregon

Moving To Oregon – Fun Facts If you’re moving to Oregon, don’t do any shopping before your move. Wait until you get here because there is no sales tax in Oregon, and it was the first state to ban non-returnable bottles and cans. Speaking of Portland, its name was decided with a coin toss. Had the coin landed […]


moving to idaho

Moving To Idaho – Fun Facts Welcome to the state of Idaho. If you are planning on relocating here, there are many facts that would be fun to know starting with the state’s name. The name Idaho was derived from a Native American word that means “the land of many waters. Let’s start with Shoshone Falls (212 feet) which drops […]


moving to montana

Moving To Montana – Fun Facts You are relocating to Montana – Wow, what a state you’ll be moving to! It is the 4th most extensive of the 50 states in the United States and is the largest landlocked state we have. Montana is the only state in the US to have a land border with three Canadian provinces. […]


moving to wyoming

Moving To Wyoming – Fun Facts So, you’re moving to Wyoming, the alphabetically last state in the US. It is also the least populated state. The fewest people of any US state live in Wyoming. Before it became a state, Wyoming was part of the Spanish Empire. At the end of the Mexican American War in1848, Wyoming […]

North Dakota

moving to north dakota

Moving To North Dakota – Fun Facts How exciting – you are moving to North Dakota. Dakota is the Sioux word for “friend” or “ally”. If you like cold snowy winters because you are a skier, you are moving to the right state. IF you like hot summer days to be spent in a swimming pool you are moving […]

South Dakota

moving to south dakota

Moving To South Dakota – Fun Facts Relocating to South Dakota? Well, here’s a surprise for all new settlers – South Dakota has more shoreline than Florida – the winding rivers with crystal clear water and glacial lakes fill the South Dakota landscape. Moving to South Dakota is a natural for animal lovers. South Dakota is home to a […]


moving to iowa

Moving To Nebraska – Fun Facts Welcome all new settlers to the state of Nebraska. The capital of The Cornhusker State is Lincoln. Speaking of Lincoln, Nebraska, the Nebraska Cornhuskers’ football stadium is capable of holding more than 90,000 people. On game day, the stadium becomes the 3rd most populated place in the state! Nebraska is a […]


moving to iowa

Moving To Minnesota – Fun Facts So, you love the water and have picked the state of Minnesota to move to. Smart choice because Minnesota has so many lakes and rivers that it is called the Land of 10,000 Lakes. But it really has a lot more than that – 11,842 lakes and 69,200 miles of rivers […]


moving to iowa

Moving To Iowa – Fun Facts When you move to Iowa, you will be moving to a Midwestern state named by a Native American tribe of the same name, and it means beautiful. In this farming state hogs outnumber people 4 to 1. The red delicious apple originated in Peru, Iowa. One Iowa family farm grows enough food and […]

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