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Moving To Oregon – Fun Facts

If you’re moving to Oregon, don’t do any shopping before your move. Wait until you get here because there is no sales tax in Oregon, and it was the first state to ban non-returnable bottles and cans.

Speaking of Portland, its name was decided with a coin toss. Had the coin landed on the other side, the city would have been named Boston. Wouldn’t that be weird, Boston, Oregon? While we’re on the subject of names, within the state there is city named Sisters and another called Brothers.

Oregon can boast about Hells Canyon – the deepest river gorge in the United States, Crater Lake – the deepest lake in the United States (also among the top 10 deepest lakes in the world), The shortest river-The D River (912 feet long), the John Day Fossil Beds – one of the richest fossil beds in the world, the Oregon Caves which are carved with solid marble, and the city of Portland which is one of only three cities in the US with an extinct volcano within its city limits.

Some other fun facts about Oregon are that it has the most ghost towns of any state, Eugene was the first city to have one-way streets, and along with New Jersey there are no self-serve gas stations in. Oregon.

Some of Oregon’s Funny Laws:

(1) In Stanfield no more than 2 people are allowed to share a drink.

(2) It is against the law in Myrtle Creek to box with a kangaroo.

(3) Canned corn is not to be used as bait for fishing.

(4) No whistling underwater.

(5) In Marion, It’s Illegal to eat a doughnut while walking backwards on a city street.

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