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While moving across the country can be a headache, moving around the world can be much more challenging. With over 50 years of experience, Morse Van Lines takes all of the stress and worry out of an international move. We understand everything that goes into shipping an entire home or office around the world. Call Today and ask how we can help!
We are a proud moving company that can provide excellent service no matter where you need to go.

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International moves are much more complex than a standard local or national move. With special customs forms and procedures, you literally cannot do it alone – Customs will not allow you to pack and load your own items. Morse Van Lines is here to handle everything for you. Our team of experts will pickup you items, bring them to our warehouse and load them in the specialty shipping crates. From there, they are off to your destination. We take care of all of the transfers including picking a local moving company in the country where you’re headed to make sure everything gets to you.

Because of the complexity involved with international moves, you won’t want to try to do all of the paperwork and follow all of the intricate details. Our international moving specialist will do it all for you to make it just as easy as moving down the street. One phone call to Morse Van Lines handles everything.

You Don't Have To Do it Alone

It’s important to choose the right moving company because they will be handling your entire household or office and all of your items.

Professional Moving Services

Staying in Ohio? No worries! We can get you wherever you need in Ohio.

We can get your belongings safely whererever you need to go in the U.S

We have helped families and businesses move internationally for many years.

Our concierge service makes it easy to move if you need extra help.

If you’re company is moving you, it’s because you are a valuable asset.

Morse Van Lines has the skill, experience and equipment to move nearly anything including oversized items, pianos and fragile items.

There and Back

Because of our expert service, many customers choose us to help them move abroad. Then, when they’re ready to move back, they call us again to make the whole event pain-free. Our international moving service is ideal for business relocations and those who are moving back to their home country. Don’t be just another number, work with someone who cares – work with the experts at Morse Van Lines!

Budget Friendly Options

Other services & Amenities

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Emergency Moving Services

If you are in a pinch and need to move as soon as possible, our team is available to help you move from one place to the other at the earliest avenue.

Concierge Service

Morse Van Lines offers an optional concierge service for our older customers giving you everything you need. Click Here for more information about our concierge.

Moving Supplies

If you are in need of moving supplies, shop online and we will ship it right over to you.

Local Experts

Morse Van Lines started moving northeast Ohio families over 50 years ago with just a single truck. Today we run an entire fleet of trucks to make sure you get moved the right way.

Budget Friendly Pricing

Local Moving rates include loading, unloading, set up and mileage. Rates are figured on a hourly rate basis, based on the number of Morse Van Lines employees and trucks on the job. Local Moving customers receive the same outstanding level care and professionalism that our long-distance customers receive. Remember: Anywhere in the State of Ohio is a local move. Call today to get started!

International Moving Company Reviews

We care about the quality of every single move that we have done and continue to do. Below are some great testimonies to successful moves we have executed globally.


Emily Hoffman


We had the best experience with Morse Van Lines! The scheduling process was easy, and movers showed up right on time the day of the move. They were efficient, professional, careful and very personable! Our move went swiftly and quickly thanks to the skilled moving team. We have used Morse Van Lines in the past for moving and the process was just as efficient! They continue to offer quality service, we highly recommend them for your next move!

Bev Boohar


I had THE best experience with Morse. The three men who came to my home were rockstars, Chris, Bob and Deshon. They were polite and professional and cared about my property. I got the best when these three arrived at my home. They worked tirelessly in rain and hail and protected

Megan Bosley


I had Morse Van Lines move my large items to a storage unit when we sold our home and then to our newly built house. WOW! What a professional group of people! The rates were fantastic and they were extremely mindful of our belongings and treated everything as if it was their own! I will definitely keep them in mind for any future needs!!! I highly recommend them!

Move The Right Way With Morse Van Lines

Our experts take our time to make sure your international move is done the right way. We don’t offer emergency service on our international moves because there is so much that has to be done and done right. Once you call us, we start the whole process for you and can guide you through getting your items ready to move. Our team will then pickup the items and bring them to your secure warehouse where they will be packed and shipped for the long journey. We handle all of the paperwork for you and will take your items right from your living room here in the states all the way to your new home overseas. We handle all of the relocations services in the foreign country so you don’t have to try to work it out yourself.

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Sell It - Don't Move It

Morse Van Lines is not just an expert moving company. Our sister company Auction Alley can help you get rid of all of those items you don’t want or don’t need. Every pound counts in an international move and there’s no reason to move items that you haven’t used in years and will never use again. We can help you get rid of those unwanted items. Let Auction Alley sell them for you and make some money to help reduce the cost of your move. Auction Alley can help you with just a few items or a whole house clean out. Click Here for more information!
Need help selling your home too? Our highly skilled Berkshire-Hathaway real estate representative can help you get the best price for you home. Click Here for more information!

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