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moving to oklahoma

Moving To Oklahoma – Fun Facts

OK! So, you’re moving to Oklahoma, which was added to the United States in 1803 as part of the Louisiana Purchase. You are about to settle in the state with the largest number of Native Americans of any state. After California, Oklahoma has the second largest Native American population in the country.

Oklahoma bears the distinction of bordering six states – Missouri, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Colorado, and Kansas.

In the historic Oklahoma land runs, homesteaders came from Japan, China. England, Mexico, Canada, and France. This is the reason that today Oklahoma has a large population originating from a wide range of geographies and ethnicities.

Oklahoma’s state capitol building is the only capitol with an oil well directly underneath it. Politically speaking, a Democrat hasn’t won the state’s presidential vote since Lyndon Johnson in 1964.

Some Oklahoma ‘firsts’ are – the parking meter was invented in Oklahoma, shopping carts were first invented and used in Oklahoma, Gordon Matthews, born in Tulsa, was the inventor of an electronic communication system to store audio messages patented in 1982. We know it as voicemail.

And some of Oklahoma’s Funny Laws are:

(1)  Whaling is illegal…because there are so many whales in Oklahoma.

(2) It is illegal to have tissues in the back of your car.

(3) Don’t even think about going to bed with boots on because that would be illegal.

(4) Don’t scare Fido or his friends…you may be fined and/or jailed for making “ugly faces” at dogs.

(5) Fish may not be contained in fishbowls while on a public bus.

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