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moving to nevada

Moving To Nevada – Fun Facts

So, you’re going to relocate to Nevada. Although Nevada is nicknamed the “Silver State”, it is actually the largest gold-producing state in the US and the fourth in the world.

Before the United States took over the state in 1848, Nevada was claimed by Mexico and Spain.

Your new home in Nevada has more than 30 different mountain ranges, which means there are more mountain ranges in Nevada than any other state.

Most of the wild horse population of the United States is in Nevada.

The capital of the state is Carson City, but the largest city is Las Vegas which gets more than 42 million visitors a year.

Some interesting, almost unknown facts about Nevada are: Hidden Cave, discovered in the 1920s, was filled with thousands of artifacts such as arrowheads and other tools that ancient peoples may have stored there for safekeeping. The hard hats that we see construction workers wearing today were invented in 1933 for the workers on Hoover Dam. Nevada is one of the seven states in the United States that doesn’t have a lottery. The Las Vegas Strip has over 75,000 miles of neon lights on it.

Nevada has their share of Funny Laws. Here are a few:

(1) The punishment for hurting someone’s dog is extremely high. Shooting someone’s dog can even be punishable by death.

(2) You can’t lie down on the sidewalk in Reno.

(3) You cannot ride a camel on the highway. 

(4) Feeding the homeless is illegal in Las Vegas.

(5) In Reno, benches are not allowed to be placed in the middle of any street.

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