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Moving To Maryland – Fun Facts

When you relocate to Maryland it would be wonderful to already know these facts.

Maryland Became a British Colony in 1634. The colonization of Maryland began with George Calvert. Calvert’s primary object was to move Roman Catholics, who were being persecuted in England, to a safe colony.

The U.S. National Anthem Was Written in Maryland. Francis Scott Key, a Maryland-based lawyer and amateur poet, penned the words in 1814. Later, composer John Stafford Smith set it to music. But it wasn’t until March 3, 1931that it became the U.S. national anthem.

William Goddard inaugurated the first Post Office system in the United States in Baltimore in 1774.

In 1784 the first balloon ascension in the United States took place in Baltimore. The balloon was made by thirteen-year-old Edward Warren.

In 1828 St. Francis Academy was the first dental school in the world. In 1839, when St. Francis Academy became the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, it attracted dental students to move to Baltimore from the other states.

The USS Constellation, docked in Baltimore, is the last ship to have survived from the Civil War.

And now for some of Maryland’s Funny Laws that will surprise any new resident.

(1) If you live in Baltimore, it is illegal to take a lion to the movies.

(2) If you are a woman married to a man, it is illegal to go through your husband’s pockets while he’s sleeping.

(3) It is illegal to eat while swimming in the ocean.

(4) Don’t Use Profanity While Driving.

(5)   It’s Illegal to Scrub Sinks in Baltimore.

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