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Moving To Mississippi – Fun Facts

Welcome to the state of Mississippi. The name was originally given to the Mississippi River by the Chippewa Indians. It means “large river.”

Mississippi is the magnolia state. Both the state flower and the state tree are the Magnolia. It is bordered by Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, and the Gulf of Mexico.

Jackson is the capital of Mississippi, and it is named after General Andrew Jackson in honor of his victory at the Battle of New Orleans in January,1815.

Any northerners who relocate to Mississippi to get away from the hurricane season will be surprised to learn that they have traded hurricanes for tornados. Every year Mississippi is hit by an average of 27 tornadoes.

The 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery in 1865, was not ratified by Mississippi until 2013. In 1995, lawmakers had finally voted to ratify the amendment, but the paperwork was never sent to the U.S. Archivist to be made official.

There are also more churches in Mississippi per capita than in any other state in the country.

Some Funny Mississippi Laws include these:

(1) If you interrupt a church service you can be arrested by any private citizen.

(2) It is illegal in Mississippi to hold a public office if you are an atheist.

(3) In Winona, it is illegal to honk a car horn because it could possibly scare a horse.

(4) There is a $100 fine for cursing in public.

(5) It is illegal to be homeless.

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