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moving to california

Moving To California – Fun Facts

If you find your current location to be lonely, then it’s time to relocate to California. It is the most populous state in the US. 1 in 8 US residents live in California. There are more people in California than in the entire country of Canada.

If you’re a history buff, and you are moved by facts about the past, get this: before California became a state in 1850, it was an independent country for one month in 1846. But, like all relocated Californians, be prepared for some shaky ground because California experiences over 100,000 earthquakes a year. Luckily, many of these earthquakes are quite feeble.

In 1964, San Francisco’s cable cars were named the first moving National Historic Landmark.

Did you know that the popular Chinese fortune cookie is not a transplant from China? OH, no! the Chinese fortune cookie was invented in California.

Here are California’s Funny Laws:

(1) In Los Angeles, it is illegal to wash your neighbor’s car if you have not received their permission first.

(2) In Carmel, women are required to have a permit to wear heels more than 2 inches in height.

(3) In San Francisco, it is illegal to have a pet bear, gorilla, or crocodile.

(4) It is illegal to walk a camel down Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs between the hours of 4:00 and 6:00 P.M. 

(5)  In Arcadia, Peacocks have the right of way in all driveways and roadways.

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